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Corrupaste Special Gum

Corrupaste Special Gum

A powder gum for use in high speed corrugation and sheet pasting for higher GSM paper. This product can also used for Flue to Paperboard lamination in Meiguang Machines.


Color and Appearance : White Powder
Odour : NIL
PH : 7 to 8.0
Mixing Ratio : 1:2
Viscosity in B-4
Cup : 60 to 90 sec


This product is to be mixed with two times the quantity of water in a mechanical agitator till the slurry is free from any lumps. The required quantity of caustic soda is to be added. (Care must be taken in handling caustic soda. Protective Goggles and Gloves have to be used.) Continue stirring till you get a a transparent gum . Extra water can be added to arrive at the machine acceptable viscosity (usually around 50 to 60 sec in B-4 Cup). The gum is to be filtered in a fine mesh nylon cloth and then used in the Corrugation or Sheet Pasting machine. For 1 kg powder you will get 3 kg Quality Liquid Gum.


The product can be stored in a dry place away from heat and moisture.


Wearing goggles and gloves while handling Caustic soda flakes is necessary. Inhaling of vapours of caustic to be avoided.